One of the best 45 minutes I have invested when I listened to your webinar on project boards. I will be getting your books and seeing if I can get on board with you on the monthly plan. Today I am going to do the Connect Wise University on Projects, then read your books. I may have to bring my lunches to work, but I am going to see about getting the monthly amount together to send to you for your program. Why should I reinvent the wheel with SOP’s that you have apparently done a great job with. I use Cyberoam and Datto. Chris Curran is my sales rep at Cyberoam. You touched on some of my biggest pain points.

Thank you,

You have the best presentations at the NYS Cyber Security conference! Hanging out after has been a lot of fun, too…

We are working with a client who is getting very interested in HITECH Audit standards. I have been busy reviewing the controls from the Audit Protocol site. Listening to you gave me a better perspective on the standards and some of the gotcha’s. I had not heard of the FTC Breach Laws. I also thought your presentation of the materials was top notch.

Over the course of last year or so, I attended a number of (ISC)2 e-Symposiums and had a privilege of being enlightened by Raj’s phenomenal presentations.

One of more recent ones (“Dealing With Risk and Vulnerabilities in the Enterprise”) was very informative and insightful, while being delivered in Raj’s characteristic, uncompromising approach of calling things the right name. To mind come some earlier presentations too (“Computers Don’t Commit Crimes, People Do – Cyber-crime Today”) where Raj was one of the first to provide a detailed account on Google’s practices around collection of information, tracking key strokes etc. This type of honesty and integrity is something I admire tremendously and also something that IT Sec field certainly needs more of.

On the presenting side of things, Raj has the ability to provide a wealth of information while seemingly branching out in his presentation, but yet staying on course and keeping train of thoughts, only to make an effective point at the end. Great work!

I attended a (ISC)2 conference on Cybercrime where Raj was presenting. His information was clear, current, and most of all honest and upfront. I highly recommend attending an event where he is speaking.

I highly recommend Raj as a speaker and thought leader on information security and compliance. As an attendee of the SecureCharlotte security conference, I was blown away by Raj’s excellent presentation on consumer Privacy and information security. He is a master at conveying dense technical and complex trends in information security in an understandable and thought-provoking storytelling style. Several of Raj’s comments sent the crowd of security professionals scrambling for their notebooks and blackberries to make sure they would follow-up on potential threats and ideas brought to our attention

Raj has an excellent command of the health industry IT needs and requirements. In addition he is able to integrate security requirements in a way that no other IT professional has accomplished cost effectively.

We have hired Raj and his team several times to work with our clients. I highly recommend Raj for two main reasons; Raj has (1) the business acumen to understand clients’ “business challenges and initiatives” and then (2) map them to the right IT solutions to solve those business challenges and business initiatives. These skills are critical because it is never about the technology and always about adding value to the client by understanding their business and then leveraging IT. One of our clients, a multi-billion dollar company, had critical IT problems that were negatively impacting their business. Raj stayed several nights until past 2AM to perform root cause analysis and remediation of the problems. The client was ecstatic!

A subject matter expert who brings clarity to complex problems.

I have had the pleasure of working with Raj at multiple client sites. I use his technical expertise to augment my own and provide a more complete services package for my clients. Clients that we have worked with together have repeatedly asked for Raj to be involved again, as he provides an expert viewpoint to help solve real problems economically and securely. Whenever I…more

I worked with Raj on numerous projects when I was a Director in the SLU at Schering-Plough. Raj and his organization were fantastic to work with. He came up with creative ideas and quickly implemented them on time, and on budget. He was always able to see the most cost effective and efficient way to solve any interactive problem. I highly recommend Raj and his organization.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Raj for 5 years and let me just say that it’s been quite the ride. Raj has the uncanny ability to approach any technology task, no matter how difficult it may be, and guarantee a successful delivery – on time and on budget. He is also an industry visionary and understands where technology is heading and how it can be used to meet an…more

Raj Goel’s knowledge of HIPAA really came through for my company when I worked at AppAssure. I managed all of our webinars – we did a few a month hosted by various publications or industry groups. I decided that since HIPAA was a major concern to our MSP potential/current partners, to utilize Raj’s experience.

Our company, via SMB Nation, hosted the webinar. The great thing was that we could see on our screen, as the webinar went on, how many users made it to the webinar, and in past webinars, how many dropped off. Prior to the HIPAA webinar, our typical drop off rate was anywhere between 20-50%. However, when Raj started speaking and addressing questions that came up during the webinar, I noticed the attendee numbers started to increase a bit. After 30 minutes I was waiting for the usual drop off. Not a single drop off! I thought that odd. Then I realized how passionate he was on the subject matter and it came through to the listeners. More importantly, the expert advice he gave, not only as an expert on HIPAA, but as an MSP owner himself, addressed their specific concerns. After 45 minutes, still at 100% attendees. By the time the end of Q&A hit, we still had 100%. Our first webinar with no drop off!

Once our webinar was over, our team received emailed questions, and multiple requests to please do a Part 2 on the subject with Raj Goel presenting.

Raj Goel is a pleasure to work with, very passionate and knowledgeable on HIPAA – and the best thing is that he sees HIPAA from all angles – as a business owner, as a person working for/in the healthcare industry, as well as from the most current HIPAA Compliance standards.

I recommend him highly as a subject matter expert, as a speaker, presenter, and writer

I have known Raj Goel through his presentations on the (ISC)2 webcasts. I have seen several of (ISC)2’s webcasts over the past 8 years, but I would be hard pressed to remember a single presentor by name. It has been Raj’s compelling presentations that clearly stand a cut above the rest. His presentation on spearphishing is vivid in my mind due to its rich example driven content and practical tips. I frequently find myself referring to Raj’s presentations when discussing privacy concerns with people in my organization (see his presentation on cloud security concerns). To sum it up, Raj is a fine presentor who knows how to drive the point home and more importantly keeps the audience engaged and listening. I look forward to his next nuggets of wisdom!” August 16, 2013

I wanted to thank you for the materials and your rapid response to my inquiry. You are an engaging and articulate speaker who presents useful information in a fun and informative way. I take many webinars and other forms of training, so I know that many speakers have great information but they do not present it well. As an instructor myself, I understand the difficulty in presenting information and maintaining student attention regardless of their interest in the materials. In addition, you presented some of the complexities and realities of life online without sounding alarmist. It was an excellent presentation and I look forward to hearing you again.

Have a good evening.