Security Consulting

There are few businesses these days which don’t rely on some sort online presence to sell their products and services and to keep their companies running. But the moment you go online, you’re putting your most important information and intellectual property at risk from anyone with enough knowledge to get into your systems. You could become a victim of ID theft and, if someone attacks your systems, you could lose vital client data which could cost your company its future custom and its hard-won reputation.

Too many companies rely on outdated IT security while cyber threats and hackers are now more aggressive, more common and more effective. To stay safe you need an expert like Raj Goel.

Raj will personally analyze your cyber security, perform proactive testing of your current procedures to find and remove weaknesses in your system and web applications to provide a detailed assessment of your needs. He knows the right tools to protect your systems that will have no negative impact on your daily operations and can give you the guidance to maintain the very highest levels of system protection.

Compliance consulting

IT compliance is becoming increasingly complicated and the penalties for not being up to date are getting higher. These days, most companies find it a lot less stressful to hire someone else to navigate this ever-changing area of IT. Raj Goel has all the expertise you could need to help you meet a range of regulatory or other compliance standards, including HIPAA and PCI-DSS.  He can help implement and maintain the compliance components of your business.

Raj has already been called upon to help create many secure and compliance-regulated computer systems. By taking him on as a consultant you have the services of the best in the business. Raj can help your company by: