Raj Goel…Back to Talk About His New Book. – Sep 04,2012

Raj debuted his book, “The Most Important Secrets To Getting Great Results From IT”, at the Friars Club in New York City. The CyberHood Watch is pleased to have Raj return to talk about his new book, and as customary anything else of importance for the public and business owners at large. We look forward to sharing some valuable ideas that will increase your profiability.

Trends in Financial (cyber) Crimes

Presenting: Raj Goel; CTO of Brainlink International, I…
Channel: Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Date: Mar 15 2011
Duration: 00h 49m

Regulatory Compliance While Reducing
Enterprise Risk

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Channel:(ISC)2 ThinkTank
Date:Apr 28 2010
Duration: 00h 59m

Streamlining and Ensuring Continuous Compliance

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Channel:(ISC)2 ThinkTank
Date:Feb 25 2010
Duration: 01h 00m

Watching the Watchers

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Channel:(ISC)2 ThinkTank
Date:Oct 21 2009
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New HIPAA Rules and EHRs: ARRA & Breach Notification

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Channel:Medicine and Healthcare
Date:Oct 21 2009
Duration: 00h 46m