Article by Jay Dow, PIX11, November 17th, 2015

NEW YORK — The NYPD’s heightened presence across the city is intentionally noticeable in Times Square.

But the reality of technology and how dangerous it can be in the wrong hands has law enforcement rethinking it strategy.

“We’re very concerned with the French experience, as to how they kept something as significant as this hidden from the French authorities, as well as us authorities,” said Police Commissioner Bratton.

Apps we use every day from WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook and other popular messaging apps across the globe such as Telegram, offer private, encrypted chat and message capabilities.

Those chats are private between users regardless of whether it’s a harmless conversation between co-workers or more sinister parties.

But there’s one problem, says tech analyst and author Raj Goel; WhatsApp, Telegram, and the other encrypted platforms currently coveted by ISIS will eventually be replaced by another, new app.

“Telegram is the hot thing today. If telegram gets compromised, they’ll find something tomorrow. The nature of technology and communications. It’s kind of like teenagers. Everything new week there’s a new app or platform coming out,” said Goel.