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The NYPD’s surveillance system is renowned for its complexity — and its saturation.

Cameras in Times Square.

Cameras at random intersections.

And the department is reportedly planning to expand that system to each precinct and ultimately to patrol cars, even mobile devices carried by beat cops in your local neighborhood.

Raj Goel is a Cyber-security expert.

“Like any system, we’ll know how it works when it’s scaled out. Historically what makes up great trial, we don’t know really if something this large will work will all the police cars and cameras involved and what kind of challenges they may have. This the first and largest system of its kind in the world –so New York city is going to do the beta test for a brand new platform”, Goel told Pix11.

The department argues the technology — an offshoot of its groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft, introduced last year — has obvious applications for convention crime fighting.

But the NYCLU says “Domain Awareness System” gives the NYPD too much reach with not enough oversight.