BOMA/NY (Building Owners and Managers Association of NY)

Cybersecurity – How Vulnerable Are Your Building & Company Operations? – Seminar

April 20, 2016 – 8AM – 10AM
101 Park Avenue – Club 101

Raj has been invited to join the cybersecurity panel at the Building Owners and Managers Association of NY (BOMA/NY) educational seminar.

Three main topics will be discussed:

1) Threats Facing the Industry and Companies as a Whole

2) What these Threats mean to your Building & Operation

3) Best Practices in Exposure & Risk Management


Networked building systems and controls provide innovative ways to enhance a property, its offerings, efficiencies, and capabilities. Unfortunately the resulting interconnected web presents a number of cybersecurity concerns that all property owners, managers, and third party vendors need to be aware of.