4th Annual Cybersecurity For Financial Services

January 23rd, 2017 @ 2:30PM

Ever-increasing cybersecurity breaches and continuing threats against financial services firms require investment adviser and broker-dealer compliance and IT professionals to have a robust program in place to protect client and firm information. Your clients and regulators fully expect no less.

The SEC is squarely focused on how firms assess their risks and vulnerabilities, prepare for a wide-variety of scenarios, train employees and implement concrete response plans in the event of an incident.

Examiners and enforcement staff have both been very active in the critical area of cybersecurity. Implementing cybersecurity strategies to ensure compliance is more important than ever.

Reserve your spot at IA Watch’s 4th Annual Cybersecurity for Financial Services conference, come to the Harvard Club in New York City on January 23 and go home with actionable details on:

  • The current state of SEC initiatives in the cybersecurity area
  • Best practices for assessing your firm’s top cyber risks and vulnerabilities
  • The top 10 cybersecurity protections steps you can implement immediately
  • How best to construct cybersecurity P&Ps built to withstand regulatory scrutiny
  • Top tips for conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • The critical components that must be contained in your cyber incident response plan
  • The key steps to take to vet potential third-party cyber vendors
  • The typical workflow after a cybersecurity attack

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