Raj will be speaking at Navigate 2017 on “Getting Your Clients To Hang Up On the Competition”

October 2 – 5, 2017

Session Name: Getting Your Clients to Hang Up on the Competition

Presenter: Raj Goel

It’s no secret that competition is growing daily. Whether they are 1-man shops, large national players or a new shop that opened up last week, the competition is calling on your clients.

In our market, our clients get called by IT & MSP sales firms constantly.

CPA firms, Telecom firms, Copier companies, TWC/Spectrum, Verizon and Amazon are all moving into the MSP space.

This talk discloses real tactics and strategies Brainlink uses that has our clients HANGING UP ON THE COMPETITION!

  • Raj will share how he and his team use Continuum’s NOC, PMT Backups & ATS teams to solve real problems clients face.
  • In addition, he will share how he and his staff use SOPs, RUNBOOKS, Managed SECURITY, Client Training and Effective Marketing to build highly profitable relationships.