What: The Friars Club hosts the Book Launch Party for Friar Raj Goel’s 2nd book Unplugged: Luddites’ Guide to Cybersecurity: What to Teach Your Kids & Grandparents Before They Access The Internet.

When: Fri Oct 16, 6-8 pm EST

Where: The Friarsclub
57 East 55th St
New York, NY 10022

Cost: Free

RSVP: http://www.evite.com/event/00C8YURRRP6CEAQZUEPFMEN5FVNDCQ

The Friars Club, located at 57 55th Street in New York City will be hosting a Book Warming party for Information Technology expert and fellow Friar Raj Goel’s recently published book, Unplugged:  Luddites’ Guide to Cybersecurity: What to Teach Your Kids & Grandparents Before They Access The Internet.

The Friars Club is a private club located at 57 East 55th Street in New York City that caters to the people in the entertainment business and from other professional fields. The Friars Club is famous for their Celebrity Roast, which began in 1949 with Maurice Chevalier as the guest of honor. Now it is the most imitated event throughout the world. With a reputation of roasts and celebrations, they also dedicate time to charitable events with The Friars Foundation, which was established in 1977 to foster the performing arts

Author, entrepreneur, IT expert and public speaker, Raj Goel is globally known as the go-to man in cyber security and privacy law. He is committed to educating individuals and organizations about online safety and how to protect their most important assets – people and data. His expert advice helps individuals, companies and conglomerates navigate their way through the world’s ever-changing technology and increasingly complex IT compliance laws. He often appears in the media and at coconferences world-wide to educate the public on cyber-security and digital privacy, a subject he is passionate about.

What some readers are saying about the book:

“For the tech-savvy, tech-challenged and everyone in between, Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security is an eye-opening introduction to the hidden dangers–and sometimes grave consequences—of uninhibited social media use and the disturbing lack of security pervasive in many of the modern technologies we use every day.”

“Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security is a tremendously informative read, with practical advice for navigating the pitfalls of the digital landscape, and for overcoming the obstacles that can make our lives less productive.”

“For anyone concerned for the security and well-being of themselves and their loved ones, Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security is a must-read.”

“I recently began to incorporate just a few of the principles and some of the practical advice offered in Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-securityand have already begun to reap the benefits! Now, not only is my life much easier and more efficient, but I have more time and fewer headaches.”

“While growing up, I was taught that pointing out problems is of little value unless you can also provide solutions. In Unplugged: A Luddites’ Guide to Cyber-security, Raj Goel has revealed many of the potential dangers that can accompany the greater freedom and conveniences of technology, but, more importantly, he has also presented solutions and advice that will aid in avoiding those dangers.”

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