Shival Agarwal

Sr. Systems Administrator, Half-human, Half-Android (“Mr. DATA”)

Musician, entrepreneur, technical mage, and facial hair enthusiast Shival Agarwal is Brainlink’s Senior System’s Engineer. In this position, he excels at Training, QA, Level 3 Support, and can occasionally be seen on the Front Lines of the Helpdesk.

Shival has been an avid technical magician since his first internship (with Brainlink!) at 14 years old (just don’t ask him about the laptop incident!). His magic and enthusiasm were sculpted into professional results over 10 years as IT Coordinator and Consultant for a variety of small businesses, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, the West-Islip School District, the Harford Memorial Hospital in Maryland, and the Kindercare Daycare chain.

Shival’s loves that every client brings something different to the table. The differing cultures, priorities, and challenges of each environment make each day distinctively rewarding.

In his downtime, Shival enjoys playing his guitar, engaging in team strategy oriented computer games, and exploring and creating the meaning of life with his beautiful girlfriend.