Over the course of last year or so, I attended a number of (ISC)2 e-Symposiums and had a privilege of being enlightened by Raj’s phenomenal presentations.

One of more recent ones (“Dealing With Risk and Vulnerabilities in the Enterprise”) was very informative and insightful, while being delivered in Raj’s characteristic, uncompromising approach of calling things the right name. To mind come some earlier presentations too (“Computers Don’t Commit Crimes, People Do – Cyber-crime Today”) where Raj was one of the first to provide a detailed account on Google’s practices around collection of information, tracking key strokes etc. This type of honesty and integrity is something I admire tremendously and also something that IT Sec field certainly needs more of.

On the presenting side of things, Raj has the ability to provide a wealth of information while seemingly branching out in his presentation, but yet staying on course and keeping train of thoughts, only to make an effective point at the end. Great work!