Raj Goel’s knowledge of HIPAA really came through for my company when I worked at AppAssure. I managed all of our webinars – we did a few a month hosted by various publications or industry groups. I decided that since HIPAA was a major concern to our MSP potential/current partners, to utilize Raj’s experience.

Our company, via SMB Nation, hosted the webinar. The great thing was that we could see on our screen, as the webinar went on, how many users made it to the webinar, and in past webinars, how many dropped off. Prior to the HIPAA webinar, our typical drop off rate was anywhere between 20-50%. However, when Raj started speaking and addressing questions that came up during the webinar, I noticed the attendee numbers started to increase a bit. After 30 minutes I was waiting for the usual drop off. Not a single drop off! I thought that odd. Then I realized how passionate he was on the subject matter and it came through to the listeners. More importantly, the expert advice he gave, not only as an expert on HIPAA, but as an MSP owner himself, addressed their specific concerns. After 45 minutes, still at 100% attendees. By the time the end of Q&A hit, we still had 100%. Our first webinar with no drop off!

Once our webinar was over, our team received emailed questions, and multiple requests to please do a Part 2 on the subject with Raj Goel presenting.

Raj Goel is a pleasure to work with, very passionate and knowledgeable on HIPAA – and the best thing is that he sees HIPAA from all angles – as a business owner, as a person working for/in the healthcare industry, as well as from the most current HIPAA Compliance standards.

I recommend him highly as a subject matter expert, as a speaker, presenter, and writer