Stop Blaming The Victims

As I read about the HOME DEPOT breach, follow the commentaries on the TARGET breach and other breaches, it’s clear to me that we need to have a more mature […]

What does Facebook SELL about you to corporations, governments and criminals?

…and here’s what a brand knows when you login via facebook via Twitter / TheBakeryLDN: …and here’s what a brand ….

Schneier on Security: Info on Russian Bulk Surveillance

Seems like the NSA has competition (or is that a friendly rivalry)?   Russian law gives Russia’s security service, the FSB, the authority to use SORM “System for Operative Investigative […]

Privacy vs. Security — What do you choose?

Below is an excerpt from the Keynote presentation I delivered at GBATA 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It is based upon my“A Global Overview of Trends in Personal, Corporate and Government […]

NYS CyberSecurity Conference 2013 – Social Media & Cloud Computing Threats to Privacy, Security and Liberty – A Global Perspective – June 4 2013 June 4, 2012, 3 PM   Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed NCSC.NL presentation, we look at how Governments, Corporations and Private Citizens are using Cloud Computing, […]

HIPAA Compliance Seminar for AAPI-QLI – Oct 12, 2012

On Friday October 12, 2012 at the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Information Technology Security expert and author, Raj Goel, will be presenting “What Should Medical Practices know […]

HIPAA Compliance Webinar for SNCSquared and TheRiteGroup – Oct 23, 2012

On Oct 23, 2012, Raj Goel, CISSP will conduct a live webinar for members of the Joplin, MO Medical Community in conjunction with SNC Squared Networks and Jackson, MO Medical […]

HIPAA Compliance Seminar for SMBNetworks & New Haven Community Medical Group – Aug 16, 2012

2012-08-16-RajGoel-HIPAA_PCI_REDFLAG_Effective_MulticomplianceWe had a FANTASTIC turnout at the  Second Annual Medical Practice Technology Day on Thursday August 16th 2012 from 8:00 am till 12:00 pm at the New Haven Lawn Club. […]

We know what you're doing…another good reason to get off Facebook

Would you be OK if the NSA recorded your every phonecall, and everytime you said “I hate my boss” or “I’m taking a new drug”, that information was made public?” […]

Brighttalk Mobile Security Webinar – A Global Perspective on Mobile Security, Privacy and Safety – July 11, 2012 July 11, 2012 4:00 PM EST Traditionally, when we think of mobile computing, we think about which of our employees we trust, and what devices we allow onto our […]