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Trends in Financial Crimes

New HIPAA Rules and EHRs: ARRA & Breach Notification

Watching the Watchers

Regulatory Compliance While Reducing Enterprise Risk

Old Threats, New Vectors: The Evolution of Malware

Lessons Learned From The FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

The FTC has emerged as the leading investigator of privacy and security breaches, and has sanctioned companies and institutions across industries for breaches.  This presentation reviews the FTC’s track record, […]

HIPAA, HITECH, Privacy Breach Laws – What EVERY Hospital Privacy & Compliance team needs to know.

This presentation covers: – Overview of HIPAA, HITECH & NYS Privacy Breach Laws – Trends in litigation – who’s been sued, who’s suing, what YOU need to know to protect […]

PCI Compliance is an expensive, moving target.

Many firms have chosen to become PCI compliant, others are content to sit by the sidelines and hope they won’t get caught. Countless other firms have engaged in PCI compliance […]

Privacy and Security Challenges With Cloud Computing for Attorneys, Accountants and Business Owners

Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, Amazon Web Services — they’ve become part of the IT DNA.  More than that, they have become household verbs.

Trends In Financial (cyber) Crimes for Attorneys, Accountants and Business Owners

This presentation discusses trends in financial crimes, and the role of technology in adding a new twist to old crimes. Information explosion has led to an exponential growth of information […]