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Spamford Wallace charged for hacking 500,000 Facebookers

Spamford Wallace charged for hacking 500,000 Facebookers By Dan Goodin in Las Vegas • Get more from this author Posted in Crime, 5th August 2011 00:32 GMT   One of […]

Google is indexing comments from Facebook, Disqus, etc.

We’ve said for years that nothing on the internet is ever forgotten.  And Google has repeatedly said they want to index the deepweb – information kept on PCs, behind passworded […]

EZPass – now with a free camera inside!

EZPass is a joy to use when driving along the interstate.  No more waiting in line to pay tolls, or fiddling to get exact change. And like all good things, […]

Stuxnet – state sponsored malware?

By now, we’ve all heard about Stuxnet and Duqu, and to date, no one has claimed ownership of either malware.  Was it the US?  Israel?  France?  Germany?  Or perhaps it […]

Bundestrojan — German ‘official’ Trojan can get into email, Skype, Firefox, Paltalk, ICQ, Yahoo, etc

The German government, in violation of the German constitution, has developed (or bought) malware that they have actively deployed against German citizens. From Op-Ed: Bundestrojan — German ‘official’ Trojan can […]