We’ve said for years that nothing on the internet is ever forgotten.  And Google has repeatedly said they want to index the deepweb – information kept on PCs, behind passworded systems, bulleting boards, etc.


Here’s more light being shed on the deepweb…and another attack on your social identity, long-term privacy & security.


From HuffPo Facebook Privacy Undermined: Google Now Sees Your Embarrassing Comments

First Posted: 2/11/11 10:48 GMT Updated: 2/11/11 15:04

What’s your most embarrassing Facebook comment ever? No, don’t tell me, I’ll just look it up on Google because the search engine is now displaying comments for the first time.

That’s right, your every ROFL, LOL, or “God I can’t believe I drank that much” is available for the whole world’s reading pleasure, thanks to a change to the way Google looks at Javascript.

Previously Facebook comments weren’t visible to Google’s search bots, because they were tied to JavaScript. Now Google has begun trawling JavaScript for search results.

The new system will trawl comments left on Facebook comments add-ons used by sites outside Facebook, such as Facebook plug-in for WordPress.

Results are not limited to Facebook comments, Google is trawling Disqus, Intense Debate and other add-on comment systems found in blogs.

via Facebook Privacy Undermined: Google Now Sees Your Embarrassing Comments.