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What MSPs Need to Know About Compliance

The IT Support/MSP game has changed.  Clients are no longer satisfied with just getting their desktops managed and servers supported. Almost every industry has customer privacy and security compliance regulations […]

Magazine article says parents destroying infant privacy at birth

Raj Goel, CISSP Raj Goel 
Security & Compliance Consulting Practice 917-685-7731 Raj’s LinkedIn profile This article was originally published in INFOSECURITY PROFESSIONAL Magazine July/August 2014 issue. To read […]

How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data

"And finally, I’m actually here today to win the ‘Most Creative Use of Tor’ award I’m actually here today to win the ‘Most Creative Use of Tor’ award," she said, […]

What does Facebook SELL about you to corporations, governments and criminals?

…and here’s what a brand knows when you login via facebook via Twitter / TheBakeryLDN: …and here’s what a brand ….

Schneier on Security: Info on Russian Bulk Surveillance

Seems like the NSA has competition (or is that a friendly rivalry)?   Russian law gives Russia’s security service, the FSB, the authority to use SORM “System for Operative Investigative […]

10 Years A (Digital) Slave

Article by Raj Goel I read a moving article on about modern day slavery in Mauritania (see ). Yes, slavery still exists and 10-20% of the Mauritanian population […]

Global Surveillance Week

Welcome to the Panopticon.  Or surveillance circle-jerk. With apologies to Tom Lehrer, Global Surveillance Week! Chinese spy on the Japanese Russians Spy on the Chinese Indians Spy on the Pakistanis […]

Privacy vs. Security — What do you choose?

Below is an excerpt from the Keynote presentation I delivered at GBATA 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It is based upon my“A Global Overview of Trends in Personal, Corporate and Government […]

Cross a border, lose your ebooks

Here’s another excellent reason to NEVER buy digital content from iTunes, Google Play or Kindle. Cross the border, lose your content… Jim O’Donnell was at a library conference in Singapore […]

Monarchy versus the Panopticon by Charlie Stross

Charlie Stross (an awesome writer) wrote an excellent piece on what life will be like for England’s future monarch. This kid is going to live in the panopticon – maybe […]