Welcome to the Panopticon.  Or surveillance circle-jerk.

With apologies to Tom Lehrer,

Global Surveillance Week!

Chinese spy on the Japanese
Russians Spy on the Chinese
Indians Spy on the Pakistanis
Aussies spy on the Kiwis
North Koreans spy on Dennis Rodman

The NSA spies on everyone
And EVERYONE spies on the Americans


A new security report confirms that Chinese hackers spied on The New York Times in 2012, as well as attendees of the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg last fall. Iranian hackers spied on dissidents in the lead up to state elections last May. The Syrian Electronic Army is only getting better, and North Korean hackers were behind a destructive cyberattack that wiped data from South Korean banks last year.

via New Security Report Confirms Everyone Is Spying on Everyone – NYTimes.com.