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Who's to blame for Target's 110 million record breach? Target, VISA, MasterCard

As WSJ reports, the security guys tried to get chip-and-pin launched in the US 10 years ago. This is the same technology that has REDUCED UK losses by 70%.   […]

Is that a country in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

As SC magazine reports, a contractor stole data on 20 million South Koreans and smuggled it out on a USB stick. Data of 20 million South Koreans copied to USB […]

The floppy isn't dead – and old-fashion cut-n-paste defeats massive security

A Canadian Sub-Lieutenant pled guilty to selling secrets to the Russians.   What is amusing, is how he defeated the complex technical controls present within the Canadian military.   He […]

Cybercrime isn't so lucrative –

A fascinating article in the NY TIMES sheds light on why spammers and malware peddlers aren’t billionaires…it seems that the cybecrime loss stats are skewed. Yet in terms of economics, […]

Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread – new technology meets old fashioned greed

Utilities are used to deploying electric meters that last 20-30 years in the field. They are also deploying “smart” meters to enable variable pricing and cut down on their projected […]

Times Square Marriott Injects javascript to break privacy and serve ads

Apparently, the Time Square Marriott cannot make profit at $ 368/night.   The use technology to infect/inject every web page that you view with altered ads.   Would we put […]

French and US corporations sell unpatched exploits to highest bidders

France-based VUPEN is one of the highest-profile firms trafficking in zero-day exploits. Earlier this month at the CanSecWest information security conference, VUPEN declined to participate in the Google-sponsored Pwnium hacking […]

AT&T collected millions from taxpayers in fraudulent charges, US says

AT&T improperly received millions of dollars from a government reimbursement fund by ignoring fraudulent use of the IP Relay call system provided free of charge to hearing- and speech-impaired US […]

Firewall fail – A tale both funny and sad

Several years ago, I was working as a trainer in a Citibank call center. At least that was my job on paper. In reality, the employees were far too busy […]