Apparently, the Time Square Marriott cannot make profit at $ 368/night.


The use technology to infect/inject every web page that you view with altered ads.


Would we put up with this if they took every magazine in the hotel, replaced all the ads and still sold you the magazine?



Marriott is injecting JavaScript into the HTML of every webpage its hotel customers view for the purpose of injecting ads and in the meantime, breaking YouTube. Marriott’s wireless internet service provider is a third-party company called Hotel Internet Services, so it is possible, though unlikely, that Marriott doesn’t know what’s going on. But it’s crazy to me that I’m paying $368 a night for a hotel room, and this is how I get treated.Update: I guess not all press is good press. Ronen Isaac coincidentally of Wlan Mall appears to have taken down the Vimeo video above that did such an excellent job describing how the Revenue eXtraction Gateway worked

via Hotel Wifi JavaScript Injection – Justinsomnia.