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Magazine article says parents destroying infant privacy at birth

Raj Goel, CISSP Raj Goel 
Security & Compliance Consulting Practice 917-685-7731 Raj’s LinkedIn profile This article was originally published in INFOSECURITY PROFESSIONAL Magazine July/August 2014 issue. To read […]

Stop Blaming The Victims

As I read about the HOME DEPOT breach, follow the commentaries on the TARGET breach and other breaches, it’s clear to me that we need to have a more mature […]

How One Woman Hid Her Pregnancy From Big Data

"And finally, I’m actually here today to win the ‘Most Creative Use of Tor’ award I’m actually here today to win the ‘Most Creative Use of Tor’ award," she said, […]

What does Facebook SELL about you to corporations, governments and criminals?

…and here’s what a brand knows when you login via facebook via Twitter / TheBakeryLDN: …and here’s what a brand ….

Utah cops warrantlessly search prescription drug records of 480 emergency personnel | Ars Technica

Welcome to the land of the Free (surveillance) and the home of the Brave (spies) Utah law enforcement officials searched, without a warrant, the prescription drug records of 480 public […]

Is the SEC Obtaining Emails Without a Warrant? | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Imitation is the best form of flattery.  The DOJ is flattered.   Updates to the email privacy law called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act ECPA are long overdue. It’s common […]

10 Years A (Digital) Slave

Article by Raj Goel I read a moving article on about modern day slavery in Mauritania (see ). Yes, slavery still exists and 10-20% of the Mauritanian population […]

Global Surveillance Week

Welcome to the Panopticon.  Or surveillance circle-jerk. With apologies to Tom Lehrer, Global Surveillance Week! Chinese spy on the Japanese Russians Spy on the Chinese Indians Spy on the Pakistanis […]

Who's to blame for Target's 110 million record breach? Target, VISA, MasterCard

As WSJ reports, the security guys tried to get chip-and-pin launched in the US 10 years ago. This is the same technology that has REDUCED UK losses by 70%.   […]

Privacy vs. Security — What do you choose?

Below is an excerpt from the Keynote presentation I delivered at GBATA 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It is based upon my“A Global Overview of Trends in Personal, Corporate and Government […]