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Security vs Privacy

How much privacy are you willing to give up for security? This conversation has dominated the headlines in recent months and participants in a recent poll on the ASIS LinkedIn Group were […]

NYS CyberSecurity Conference 2013 – Social Media & Cloud Computing Threats to Privacy, Security and Liberty – A Global Perspective – June 4 2013 June 4, 2012, 3 PM   Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed NCSC.NL presentation, we look at how Governments, Corporations and Private Citizens are using Cloud Computing, […]

Facebook likes considered key evidence in terrorist plot

Congress passed the Patriot Act to help law enforcement foil terrorists. The National Security Letter provision made it significantly easy for the FBI to gather data from web hosts, telecom […]

Racist anti-Obama Facebook post gets woman fired

Being a racist is stupid.  Human, but stupid. Being a racist AND posting online…that’s just dumb. Racist + online postings + assassination threats against a US president?  That’s the holy […]

What can we learn about ECPA and Patriot Act from the Petraeus affair

Your email has LESS protections than postal mails, or even postcards. Cops can search your emails without notifying you. The feds have a large body of tools, and legal maneuvers […]

Automatic Facebook couple pages – uncomfortable data mining

While nothing Facebook is doing in this case is illegal, it IS unsettling. Showing relationships between existing data is technically neat, but socially gawky. What next? Automatic family pages? Automatic […]

New York City Police Amassing a Trove of Cellphone Logs –

Extra-judicial 1st, 4th & 5th amendment violations…all in the name of “security”. From Nov 27, 2012 NY Times: When a cellphone is reported stolen in New York, the Police Department […]

Prevent your kids from becomomg accidental porn stars

Here’s another good reason to educate your kids and keep them off social media. Parasite websites are popping up that exist solely to grab suggestive and sexually explicit photos of […]

Who's been tracking YOUR DNA?

In the 1990’s we spent $ 2.5 BILLION to sequence the human genome. Thanks to Moore’s law (computing power doubles every 18 months) and revolutionary breakthroughs in DNA sequencing, pretty […]

Jeff Bezos, ebook Nobility. You, Kindle buyer, are serfs

Amazon closed a Norwegian woman’s Amazon account AND DELETED all books off her Kindle for violating some secret Amazon policy.   Amazon will NOT disclose what policy she violated; nor […]