While nothing Facebook is doing in this case is illegal, it IS unsettling.

Showing relationships between existing data is technically neat, but socially gawky.

What next?

Automatic family pages? Automatic family photo albums?  Family timelines?

Automatic Corporate albums?  Corporate timelines?

Automatic Political group pages?  Timelines?


Just because they CAN doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

Otherwise, wait till they link your video watching habits to your profile pages….yes, I’m looking at you HONEY BOO BOO fans!


Facebook users who have listed themselves as “In a Relationship” or “Married” and linked their profile to their partner’s will find that Facebook has automatically generated them a couple page, celebrating their love. The couple’s page skims off a photo of the happy pair together as the profile picture, lists all events that the two have mutually attended and the Likes that they have in common. It shows all photos that both are tagged in and lists wall posts that each have put on the other’s wall.

You don’t need to be a dyspeptic technology hack to find this nauseating.

via Automatic Facebook couple pages: Nauseating sign of desperation • The Register.