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Times Square Marriott Injects javascript to break privacy and serve ads

Apparently, the Time Square Marriott cannot make profit at $ 368/night.   The use technology to infect/inject every web page that you view with altered ads.   Would we put […]

Employer Fires Aide Over Refusal to Give Up Facebook Password

It’s not just kids anymore – adults with quirky humor, facebooking on their own time, with their own equipment are also being harassed.   From A teacher’s aide in […]

iPad's 'Dictation' sends info to Apple servers

“Dictation” is one of the features of the new iPad, and it can be used to dictate notes, emails, text messages. But new iPad owners may want to use it […]

Is Your New HDTV Watching You?

Samsung UN65ES8000; group photo © Byron Samsung’s 2012 top-of-the-line plasmas and LED HDTVs offer new features never before available within a television including a built-in, internally wired HD camera, twin […]

AT&T collected millions from taxpayers in fraudulent charges, US says

AT&T improperly received millions of dollars from a government reimbursement fund by ignoring fraudulent use of the IP Relay call system provided free of charge to hearing- and speech-impaired US […]

Firewall fail – A tale both funny and sad

Several years ago, I was working as a trainer in a Citibank call center. At least that was my job on paper. In reality, the employees were far too busy […]

What can we learn from the Dharun Ravi case?

What can we learn from the Dharun Ravi case? 1) All the evidence was digital / social media 2) Dharun’s computers & phones self-incriminated him They relied primarily on statements […]

Who's behind SOPA, PIPA, ACTA legislation? The $8 billion ipod

The RIAA and MPAA own politicians…that’s no secret.   And to protect their dying business models, the music labels and Hollywood have launched a war against privacy, freedom and security. […]

Want a football scholarship? Friend your coach

Who’s more invasive than State Governments & employers? Colleges.   Yes, the bastions of higher learning and organized sports are also erasing any concept of privacy.  To protect the multi-billion […]

Govt. agencies demand applicants' Facebook passwords

Want a job? Login to your facebook account please… From MSNBC: In Maryland, job seekers applying to the state’s Department of Corrections have been asked during interviews to log into […]