Who’s more invasive than State Governments & employers? Colleges.


Yes, the bastions of higher learning and organized sports are also erasing any concept of privacy.  To protect the multi-billion dollar college sports rackets, er, business model, colleges are demanding that “student-athletes” hand over their facebook & twitter logins, friend coaches, etc.


Apparently, The US Constitution and The Bill Of Rights doesn’t exist inside a football stadium or the locker room.




Student-athletes in colleges around the country also are finding out they can no longer maintain privacy in Facebook communications because schools are requiring them to “friend” a coach or compliance officer, giving that person access to their “friends-only” posts. Schools are also turning to social media monitoring companies with names like UDilligence and Varsity Monitor for software packages that automate the task. The programs offer a “reputation scoreboard” to coaches and send “threat level” warnings about individual athletes to compliance officers.

via Red Tape – Govt. agencies, colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords.