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The IT Support/MSP game has changed.  Clients are no longer satisfied with just getting their desktops managed and servers supported.

Almost every industry has customer privacy and security compliance regulations – and clients are looking at us, their IT providers and business confidantes, to help them become and remain compliant.

So what do you need to know about compliance?

First – determine what industry or vertical you will tackle, then dive into it.

In my experience, clients do not want a generalist firm that says we provide HIPAA/HITECH/PCI-DSS/Sarbanes-Oxley/GLBA/SEC Cybersecurity /  [insert acronym here] compliance. More and more, savvy buyers want MSPs that focus on their vertical.

If you’re tackling healthcare, you must deep-dive into HIPAA/HITECH, FTC Health Breach, State Records Retention, SEC Cybersecurity guidance and State Privacy Laws.  If medium-to-large retailers ($10M-$4B) are your targets, then a thorough understanding of PCI-DSS and State Privacy Breach Laws is required.  If banking and finance is your focus, then GLBA, SOX-404, State Privacy Breach, FINRA regulations, PATRIOT ACT and FFIEC compliance knowledge is a must.

Underpinning all these regulations, standards and statutes are 3 simple truths:

  1. Every regulation or standard requires good, tested, verifiable backups
  2. Use of strong passwords and tested security configurations is a must
  3. Encrypting data in-motion, and data-at-rest is a very, very, good idea.

As you start your journey towards becoming a compliance-oriented MSP, I can offer you a few resources for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, SEC Cybersecurity and PRIVACY LAW compliance.

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance: Email me and request the

  • HIPAA Compliance Checklist
  • Articles and newsletters regarding trends in HIPAA enforcement and compliance


  • Overview of the state privacy breach laws
  • Trends in Financial Crimes
  • Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy

SEC Cybersecurity Compliance

  • Overview of SEC Requirements
  • Trends in Financial Crimes
  • Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy
  • Challenges endemic to the financial sector

As always, if you have questions regarding security, privacy or compliance, feel free to contact me at raj@brainlink.com.

Latest articles, blog posts, presentations and webinars are available at www.RajGoel.com

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