William Lanier

One of the best 45 minutes I have invested when I listened to your webinar on project boards. I will be getting your books and seeing if I can get […]

Edward Skinner

You have the best presentations at the NYS Cyber Security conference! Hanging out after has been a lot of fun, too…

Jennie McLamb, CPP PSP PCI

I wanted to thank you for the materials and your rapid response to my inquiry. You are an engaging and articulate speaker who presents useful information in a fun and […]

Rajesh Tamhane

I have known Raj Goel through his presentations on the (ISC)2 webcasts. I have seen several of (ISC)2’s webcasts over the past 8 years, but I would be hard pressed […]

Erica Simanek Knoch

Raj Goel’s knowledge of HIPAA really came through for my company when I worked at AppAssure. I managed all of our webinars – we did a few a month hosted […]

Ilya Zherebetskiy

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Raj for 5 years and let me just say that it’s been quite the ride. Raj has the uncanny ability to approach any […]

Liz Walker

I worked with Raj on numerous projects when I was a Director in the SLU at Schering-Plough. Raj and his organization were fantastic to work with. He came up with […]

Jim Sheldon-Dean

I have had the pleasure of working with Raj at multiple client sites. I use his technical expertise to augment my own and provide a more complete services package for […]

Daniel Hamilton

A subject matter expert who brings clarity to complex problems.

Laurence Chaityn

We have hired Raj and his team several times to work with our clients. I highly recommend Raj for two main reasons; Raj has (1) the business acumen to understand […]