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Written Information Security Policy is INSUFFICIENT to comply with Massachusetts Data Privacy Law

Massachusetts AG Says Having a WISP is Not Enough to Comply With Massachusetts Data Security Regulations The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and Belmont Savings Bank have agreed to resolve allegations […]

Little Brother is a snitch – Blackberry Messenger archives open to UK authorities

The 1st rule of social media and digital communications really should be “Little Brother is watching…and he’s a snitch”   While George Orwell trained us to distrust government (aka Big […]

CIGNET's HIPAA Penalty – $946 per record

Raj Goel, CISSPCTO Brainlink International, Inc. 917-685-7731 Raj’s LinkedIn profile   Since 2005, the Ponemon institute has released an annual study comparing the costs of data breach. According to […]

Backing Up Documents in the Cloud

Raj Goel, CISSPCTOBrainlink International, 917-685-7731 Raj’s LinkedIn profile This article appeared on   John Edwards (no, not THAT John Edwards) did a great job of summarizing various backup […]

Presentation Topics

Each of my talks runs from 45-120 minutes. I present the specific topic in 45 minutes, or really dive into it for 2 hours. Multiple topics can also be combined […]

Streamlining and Ensuring Continuous Compliance

Trends in Financial Crimes

New HIPAA Rules and EHRs: ARRA & Breach Notification

Watching the Watchers

Regulatory Compliance While Reducing Enterprise Risk