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Facebook likes considered key evidence in terrorist plot

Congress passed the Patriot Act to help law enforcement foil terrorists. The National Security Letter provision made it significantly easy for the FBI to gather data from web hosts, telecom […]

Admit to being an Athiest, go to jail

The internet (and subsequently, Social Media) have been touted as tools that promote democracy, openness and a civil society. More and more, these tools are being used by Governments, Corporations […]

Racist anti-Obama Facebook post gets woman fired

Being a racist is stupid.  Human, but stupid. Being a racist AND posting online…that’s just dumb. Racist + online postings + assassination threats against a US president?  That’s the holy […]

What can we learn about ECPA and Patriot Act from the Petraeus affair

Your email has LESS protections than postal mails, or even postcards. Cops can search your emails without notifying you. The feds have a large body of tools, and legal maneuvers […]

Automatic Facebook couple pages – uncomfortable data mining

While nothing Facebook is doing in this case is illegal, it IS unsettling. Showing relationships between existing data is technically neat, but socially gawky. What next? Automatic family pages? Automatic […]

Saudi Arabia implements electronic surveillance on women

Whenever a woman crosses the borders, her male guardian (father, husband or son) is automatically texted.   Saudi camels have more freedom of movement and more civil rights…just so you […]

Tweet North Korean propoganda in South Korea, go to jail

Freedom of speech is not a universal right…and comedy is highly cultural.   In South Korea, any communiques that praise or celebrate NK are illegal. Remember this BEFORE you travel […]

New York City Police Amassing a Trove of Cellphone Logs –

Extra-judicial 1st, 4th & 5th amendment violations…all in the name of “security”. From Nov 27, 2012 NY Times: When a cellphone is reported stolen in New York, the Police Department […]

Christopher Castillo Arrested After Threatening To Kill Obama On Facebook

Ahh…stupid, bigoted idiots…please keep on posting, so the cops & feds can properly introduce you to the US penal system.   A Florida man was arrested this November after posting […]

FBI Arrest 4 Men After Learning Their Terrorist Plans on Facebook

Hurray for stupid criminals… Request to terrorists, rapists, murderers, thieves – PLEASE post your thoughts & pictures on facebook… Four Los Angeles area men learned the hard way that if […]