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Miley Cyrus hacker gets probation for cooperation

Let me get this straight – normal, ordinary teenagers have been sent to jail or labelled sex offenders for sexting each other…and a guy who breaks into a strangers cell […]

Nov 8 2011 – ISC2 Brighttalk – Dealing With Risk and Vulnerabilities in the Enterprise

Cloud Privacy Concerns – Over sharing and Over Collecting Social Media has quickly woven itself into the very fabric of everyday life and computing. This boom in sharing, even the […]

Google Apps – not as secure as Groupwise OR Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps • The Register

Santayana was an optimist.   Why is it that modern technology rarely, if ever, exceeds the older, well-built tech? The latest Core I7s with 24GB ram, Nvidia 570s aren’t as […]

Facebook: Releasing your personal data reveals our trade secrets

We’ve said for years that the internet remembers forever.  Here’s proof that Facebook embodies that ethos…   Here’s a SMALL sampling of what Zuckerberg collects, repacages and sells…but never deletes…. […]

Amazon Silk Web Browser – is just another invasion of privacy

Amazon has a new eReader/tablet out called the Fire. And judging from pre-sales order, this is one hot item.   As a reader, I’m delighted that the collapse of civilization […]

Kim Jong-Il's Teenage Grandson Is Having a Facebook Scandal

Need proof that no one is immune from Privacy Erosion caused by Social Media? Apparently, having a grandfather who has his own nukes, and an uncle who’s killed or starved […]