Cloud Privacy Concerns – Over sharing and Over Collecting

Social Media has quickly woven itself into the very fabric of everyday life and computing. This boom in sharing, even the most banal of details, has had a resounding impact on how our profession manages enterprise security. In this presentation we’ll explore strategies for managing the risks associated with:

  • Job loss, revenue loss
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Brand Protection
  • Privacy Erosion
  • Malware Protection

We’ll examine the basic law that governs ALL internet activity in the US.
We’ll further delve into KEY FTC decisions that impact online activity.
Using case studies from the US and around the world, we’ll examine how people have lost jobs, college degrees, fortunes and freedom through social media.
We’ll investigate the rampant OVERCOLLECTION of customer and subscriber data by major corporations.
And finally, we’ll review success stories from the past 300 years, where lone individuals and committed groups have improved security, society and human life spans.

3 CPEs will be offered.

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