Need proof that no one is immune from Privacy Erosion caused by Social Media?

Apparently, having a grandfather who has his own nukes, and an uncle who’s killed or starved millions of human beings, isn’t enough to keep kids away from Social Media.


Parents, grandparents and teachers – teach your kids to stay off social-media, or at least teach them what NOT to say or do online.  Though if despots and dictators can’t succeed, then I wonder if there’s any hope for the rest of us 🙂


Kim Jong-Il’s Teenage Grandson Is Having a Facebook Scandal

By Adrian Chen Oct 3, 2011 11:50 AM


South Korean media discovered Kim Jong-Il’s grandson’s Facebook page on Saturday and are having a field day picking over his blog and photo galleries. Turns out he’s just a geeky high schooler who likes American movies and gets in comments flame wars.

16-year-old Kim Han Sol is the son of Kim Jon-Il’s exiled eldest son, Jong Nam. He lives in Macau and China, and just enrolled in boarding school in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Judging from his Facebook pictures, the fact that his grandfather is the world’s most notorious dictator hasn’t impeded his social life.

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