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Saudi Arabia implements electronic surveillance on women

Whenever a woman crosses the borders, her male guardian (father, husband or son) is automatically texted.   Saudi camels have more freedom of movement and more civil rights…just so you […]

Tweet North Korean propoganda in South Korea, go to jail

Freedom of speech is not a universal right…and comedy is highly cultural.   In South Korea, any communiques that praise or celebrate NK are illegal. Remember this BEFORE you travel […]

Christopher Castillo Arrested After Threatening To Kill Obama On Facebook

Ahh…stupid, bigoted idiots…please keep on posting, so the cops & feds can properly introduce you to the US penal system.   A Florida man was arrested this November after posting […]

FBI Arrest 4 Men After Learning Their Terrorist Plans on Facebook

Hurray for stupid criminals… Request to terrorists, rapists, murderers, thieves – PLEASE post your thoughts & pictures on facebook… Four Los Angeles area men learned the hard way that if […]

Facebook video leads to arrest of two teens

Every picture & video carries location data. Post cell-phone pics and videos at your own risk.   Madison police say two young teens have been arrested after video of their […]

Another Facebook arrest and death carried out in Iran

Somedays, 1984 reads like a happy comedy.  Real life exceeds Room 101. Sattar Beheshti, a blogger, was arrested on October 30 for anti-government views expressed on his personal blog and […]

Two arrested over Facebook comments in India

An unelected king-maker dies.  His followers shutdown the city. 1 woman speaks truth to power, and gets arrested.  Her uncle’s business gets destroyed by thugs. Welcome to opression, social media […]

A tall glass of entrapment

Kids will do stupid things. Illegal things too. Social Media will ensure it haunts them forever…   University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student Adam Bauer was ticketed for underage drinking in […]

No "likes" on these comments

Ahh…girls stealing boyfriends…age old drama. 21st century legal liabilities… From Farah Nur Arafah, an 18-year-old teen in Indonesia, was given a 75-day suspended jail sentence in February 2010 after […]

New Filipino law makes liking on Facebook illegal

Welcome to the Balkanization of the internet. While I’m no fan of Facebook, laws like these will hamper freedom & civil rights. I’ve always said that with Social Media, you […]