As usual, Google engages in practices that are orthogonal to it’s self-proclaimed mission of “don’t be evil”.


Apparently, they want YOU not to be evil…while they’re free to engage in deceptive and/or unethical practices.


Being a multi-billionaire isn’t enough…until you’ve peddled Canadian drugs to Americans.



Report: Justice Dept. says Page knew about rogue drug ads

By: Elinor Mills August 26, 2011 6:10 PM PDT


Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page condoned ads from rogue online Canadian pharmacies, says a Justice Department official who led the investigation into the case and talked to The Wall Street Journal about it.

Google CEO Larry Page

(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Earlier this week Google agreed to pay $500 million to settle the dispute with the agency over the sale of the advertising through Google’s AdWords program to foreign pharmacies targeting ads at U.S. consumers. Now, Peter Neronha, the U.S. attorney for Rhode Island, tells The Wall Street Journal that it appears Page may have been aware of the sales for several years.

“Larry Page knew what was going on,” Neronha is quoted as saying in an article today. “We know it from the investigation. We simply know it from the documents we reviewed, witnesses that we interviewed, that Larry Page knew what was going on.”

via Report: Justice Dept. says Page knew about rogue drug ads | InSecurity Complex – CNET News.