Oct 19, 2011 – Full Day ISC2 Local Event

Oversharing: Managing Risk in the Social Age
Co-presented by Raj Goel and Brandon Dunlap

Social Media has quickly woven itself into the very fabric of everyday life and computing. This boom in sharing, even the most banal of details, has had a resounding impact on how our profession manages
enterprise security. In this day-long, interactive event, we’ll explore strategies for managing the risks associated with:

  •  Data Loss Prevention
  •  Brand Protection
  •  Privacy Erosion
  •  Malware Protection

We’ll also outline the cultural effects of Social Media on the enterprise as Generation Y, the Millenials, begin entering the workplace with expectations of open sharing.Many of the tools to protect our organizations and users are deployed and in use already. Join us as we share techniques from our peers in making the best use of our past investments to mitigate these risks.



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