Need proof that Adobe is the new Microsoft?  In the 1990’s MS sacrificed everything for market share, and ended up creating the breeding ground for the modern malware industry.   Until Howard Schmidt hacked Bill Gates’ PC, Security and Windows were an oxymoron.  These days (2011), Microsoft is a leader in security – from Windows 7 to Office 2010 to MSSE, their stuff just works.


These days, it seems as if a week doesn’t go by without some Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader flaw.

I suppose we’ll need a DOJ consent decree, and some other events to occur before Adobe adopts security in its’ corporate DNA.



Bug in Flash Player allowed Mac webcam spying

Adobe issues patch for ‘clickjacking’ hole

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco • Get more from this author

Posted in Malware, 20th October 2011 18:22 GMT

Updated Engineers on Thursday patched a hole in Adobe’s ubiquitous Flash Player that allowed website operators to silently eavesdrop on visitors’ webcam and microphone feeds without permission.

To be attacked, visitors needed to do no more than visit a malicious website and click on a handful of buttons like the ones in this live demonstration. Without warning, the visitor’s camera and microphone were activated and the video and audio intercepted. The attack closely resembled a separate Flash-based attack on webcams from 2008 using a class of exploit known as clickjacking.

via Bug in Flash Player allowed Mac webcam spying • The Register.