Santayana was an optimist.


Why is it that modern technology rarely, if ever, exceeds the older, well-built tech?

  • The latest Core I7s with 24GB ram, Nvidia 570s aren’t as nice as a Commodore Amiga.
  • Outlook 2010, Gmail, etc – don’t have a portion of the power and control offer by PINE.
  • No keyboard has ever approached (or exceeded) the IBM Model M
  • Has any game exceeded the joy and playability of Space Invaders or Duke Nukem 3d?


And apparently, Google Apps can’t compete with GROUPWISE – a product that’s been dead (or moribund) for over a decade.


Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps

By Richard Chirgwin • Get more from this author

Posted in Cloud, 20th October 2011 22:30 GMT

Google has dismissed as a smear campaign the emergence of stories that its Google Apps implementation at LAPD is going pear-shaped.

According to Consumer Watchdog, the rollout has hit snags, with the police deciding that security on the vaunted platform isn’t adequate for users in the City Attorney Criminal Branch, fire department arson investigations, public safety users, parking police, street services investigations, parks rangers, and “any other City entities that access criminal history data”.

That has led the LA City CIO Randi Levin to write to Google and subcontractor CSC in August, demanding that GroupWise be hauled out of its coffin, given a quick slap and defibrillation, and pressed back into service. The city is also demanding that there be no charge for Google licenses for the LAPD, credits for some licenses already paid for, and CSC and Google to pay for GroupWise licenses the city needs.

via Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps • The Register.