By exploiting laziness, stupidity and greed.

Most “Work-at-home” job offers are scams…pure and simple.

Unfortunately, gullible idiots, unwitting dupes and willing thieves refuse to look the gift horse in the mouth…either to make a quick buck, or to pay the bills.

As always, Brian Krebs does a fantastic job of exploring the “reshipping economy”.


One of the simplest ways to extract cash from stolen credit card accounts is to buy pricey consumer goods online and resell them on the black market. Most online retailers grew wise to these scams years ago and stopped shipping to regions of the world most frequently associated with credit card fraud, including Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Russia. But these restrictions have created a burgeoning underground market for reshipping scams, which rely on willing or unwitting residents in the United States and Europe to receive and relay high-dollar stolen goods to crooks living in the embargoed areas.

via Shady Reshipping Centers Exposed, Part I — Krebs on Security.