Artists Sue CBS, CNET, for Promoting and Profiting from Piracy

November 15, 2011


A coalition of artists has joined eccentric billionaire and FilmOn founder Alki David in a new class action lawsuit against CNET and CBS Interactive. The complaint filed at a federal court in Los Angeles claims that through websites like, these companies have willingly profited from popularizing online copyright infringements. The artists want the CBS chiefs to be held accountable for “soliciting such widespread theft.”

cnetEarlier this year Alki David and a handful of artists sued CBS Interactive and CNET for their role in distributing LimeWire and other P2P and DRM-cracking software.

In July the lawsuit was pulled, but David promised to come back later in the year with an even bigger case. That day has now arrived.

Together with the “Justice for Artists Coalition” which includes Dough E Fresh, H-Town, Slick Rick and Ron Brows, David has filed a new lawsuit at a federal court in Los Angeles. In common with their previous case, the coalition claims that CBS and CNET profited heavily from distributing and popularizing file-sharing software such as LimeWire.

“CBS Interactive has quietly made billions by inducing the public to break the law, by providing them the file-sharing software and step-by-step guides, on exactly how to do it. No one has held Defendant accountable for this. Until now,” the complaint reads.

via Artists Sue CBS, CNET, for Promoting and Profiting from Piracy | TorrentFreak.