Too much social media networking: Paranoia of Big Brother surveillance may destroy ya

The biggest cybersecurity agency in Europe peeked at the future, 2014, to predict the effects of online social media connectivity 24/7 and concluded that too much social networking could make you paranoid and feel like you are constantly under surveillance by Big Brother.

By Ms. Smith on Wed, 11/16/11 – 12:34pm.


If you think 24/7 connectivity is nothing new for you, and you constantly check in on Foursquare, use location-aware apps, update Facebook or other social media statuses with your geo-tagged photos, then you probably have no location-awareness sharing issues and are not overly concerned if you lose locational privacy. In the year 2014, your futuristic automated smart home can update statuses for you; even more personal data will be logged coming from emerging technology; interaction with the power grid, smart meters, IP TVs, smart appliances, movie theaters harvesting emotions, robots, GPS in cars and smartphones, and products that stalk you will create a life-log. By 2014 there will be a plethora of programs, mobile apps and devices to track you that will create and store records of your movements, activities and behaviors; this is the scene that Europe’s biggest cybersecurity agency studied “to predict positive and negative effects of online ‘life-logging’ on citizens and society.”

In the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) report, “To log or not to log? Risks and benefits of emerging life-logging technologies, the agency used a 2014 fictional family’s day-to-day lives and examined the “impact for their privacy and psychology as they put ever more personal information online.” While you might not call it life-logging, it’s not too farfetched as many people track personal data generated by their own behavioral activities.

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