So let’s get this straight:

1) Symantec failed to stop the SONY Rootkit because Sony is a well-known multinational

2) Symantec released source code to the Indian Government without adequate protections

3) They’ve known about the breach for over 6 years, but until Anonymous threatened them, Symantec kept quite.


So, which is it?

Do Symantec’s DLP, AV and Security Software work, but Symantec FAILED to use them properly?

Or is their DLP/AV/firewall useless junk?


And will Symantec be compensating clients for lost time, failed security and productivity loss?



Threatened by Anonymous, Symantec tells users to pull pcAnywhere’s plug

Source code leaked [over 6] years ago, but now Anonymous hacking group has software in its sights

By Gregg Keizer

January 26, 2012 06:44 AM ET1

Computerworld – Symantec this week took the highly unusual step of telling users of its pcAnywhere remote access software to disable or uninstall the software while it fixes an unknown number of bugs.Security experts said the move was unprecedented for a company of Symantec’s size.”This is the first time I have seen a company of Symantec’s scale tell their customers to stop using a shipping product, especially one that many users depend on for remote access,” said HD Moore, chief technology officer of Rapid7, and the creator of the popular Metasploit penetration testing toolkit.”It’s certainly a new precedent for a security breach,” added Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security. “Talk about dirty laundry getting aired.”Symantec’s recommendation was blunt.”At this time, Symantec recommends disabling the product until we release a final set of software updates that resolve currently known vulnerability risks,” the company in a statement Wednesday.

via Threatened by Anonymous, Symantec tells users to pull pcAnywhere’s plug – Computerworld.