What Should You Do If Your Employer Asks For Your Facebook Password?

By Dave Copeland / March 12, 2012 8:30 AM / 24 Comments


Why are some employers asking workers and would-be workers for their Facebook passwords?

Because, with U.S. unemployment hovering at 8.3%, they can.

“Unfortunately, in these economic times employers may exercise latitude in asking for the unreasonable,” career coach Sandra Lamb said in an email. “But employees (and applicants) should be steadfast in asserting their rights to their personal life. If your FaceBook or other social media website password is requested (or required) that goes beyond a red flag–it’s a deal breaker.”

Even social media newbies know that you need to check and re-check your privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks at regular intervals to make sure employers don’t see any content you don’t wnat them to see. Or, better yet, don’t post that content in the first place. But employees, job applicants and student athletes are increasingly being asked for their Facebook passwords so their overseers can check to see what content they may be hiding behind their privacy wall.

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