Yes, Girls Around Me – the app, is gone.  For now.

It wasn’t illegal, but it creeped people out.

What I find amusing is that while these guys creeped people out, there are hundreds of developers building similar apps for Law Enforcement, Governments and Corporations that no one’s talking about.


The data YOU share is out there.

Once published, it’s NOT going to be erased.

And lots of people are making fortunes slicing/dicing/mining you to death.


Original article from Forbes:

As far as I can tell, the app “Girls Around Me” wasn’t violating any laws. But it was high on the creepy scale when, according to reports, women’s identity, photographs and location were being revealed to strangers, even though the women never opted into the service. Although the developer, Moscow-based I-Free, hardly deserves any awards, the app’s a good wake-up call for people to use the privacy settings of legitimate social networking and location services.The app mashed together information people posted about themselves publicly on Foursquare and Facebook and created a map showing the location and photographs of nearby women.

via Girls Around Me App Is a Reminder To Be Aware What You Share – Forbes.