In the EU-vs-Facebook cases, Facebook has sent european citizens 800 PAGES of documents.


In the US, a subpeona merits 62 pages.


So, either the Craigslist killer didn’t use Facebook as much as a dummy German profile, or Facebook held back hundreds of pages of data.  You decide.


If you’d like the full PDF, grab it from


The 71-page document is actually two documents in one. The first eight pages are the actual subpoena;the remaining 62 pages are from Facebook. Most of the pages sent over from the social networking giant consist of a single photograph, plus formal details such as the image’s caption, when the image was uploaded, by whom, and who was tagged. Other information released includes Wall posts, messages, contacts, and past activity on the site.

The document was released by the The Boston Phoenix as part of a lengthy feature titled “Hunting the Craigslist Killer,” which describes how an online investigation helped officials track down Philip Markoff. The man committed suicide, which meant the police didn’t care if the Facebook document was published elsewhere, after robbing two women and murdering a third.

via Here’s what Facebook sends the cops in response to a subpoena | ZDNet.