Does the school administration (or the district, or the state) realize what a HUGE landmine they are burying in front of their faces?

A) Students are being trained in being permanently tracked

B) All the data that the RFID trackers will generate – how long will it be kept?  Who will analyze it?

C) Has anyone calculated the ediscovery & litigation costs for storing this data?


What are they SMOKING in Texas?  This is just insane…at what point do we declare Texas a failed state and provide it with some ADULT supervision?


John Jay High School in San Antoni, Texas, has launched a new program to increase attendance. The “Student Locator Project” requires students to wear their microchip-embedded school IDs around their necks at all times and have their location tracked and monitored.

And now, apparently, the students refusing to use the new IDs are not going to be allowed to vote for Homecoming court. One objector, Andrea Hernandez, has been told that if she continues to refuse the new IDs, she won’t be allowed to vote for homecoming royalty. This is, of course, deplorable, as the most vital, inalienable right of any high school student is the right to choose which popular kid is the MOST popular and will therefore rule over them.

via Students Refusing Tracking ID Cards Unable to Vote for Homecoming? | SMOSH.