After the NCSC 2013 presentation, Peter Teffer interviewed me.


Here’s a (very poor) Google translation of his original Dutch article

If we do not ask, we will not get. Facebook, Google, Apple and other Internet and technology companies are only good for our privacy concerns, as consumers make on the barricades stand. “It is time to demand that your data are yours and not others,” said the American consultant Raj Goel, who recently gave a lecture in The Hague on social media and privacy.

Goel earns his money include giving such lectures – he has written a book that he wants to sell and companies hire him because he was known as a computer security expert. But that does not mean he does not believe in the importance of his message. “The battle for privacy is the next step in the civil rights struggle.”

It is not in the interest of Internet to our privacy and actually we do governments do not expect much. Only when consumers require smart phones and social networking really consider privacy, we will not thousands of times per month be spied, argues Goel.

Can we ordinary people large, powerful companies have reason to do what we want? “Yes,” says Goel. “Look at the history. 150 years ago we had no right to clean air or clean water and food. Only when someone like Upton Sinclair in 1905 the unhealthy conditions of the food described, the company said: enough, we want clean and healthy food. “

Cultural change is not impossible, emphasizes Goel. Forty years ago nobody read leaflets for drugs or labels of food. Nowadays. “If you are willing to five or ten minutes to devote to reading your food packaging and ask your doctor why certain medications are needed, then why not five minutes can take time to ask questions about the technology you use? “

Instead of just saying, wow, what a nice phone, we should also look at the privacy concerns of a product. “Make sure you’re more conscious consumer. Twenty years ago you had only eggs. Now you have free range eggs, organic eggs, free range. We have fair clothing and food. It is now time for honest technology. “