Is there a MASSIVE amount of money to be made in HEALTHCARE?  YES.

Healthcare is a $1.8T ($1.8 TRILLION per year) industry.  That’s a LOT of money on the table.

However, complying with HIPAA will NEVER be cheap.  You WILL need to do some heavy lifting, LEARN a lot more AND SPEND money on experts to assist you.


The BARRIERS to entry are high, and getting higher BY DESIGN.


Just as you don’t want a doctor who performs surgery in a back alley or an unlicensed basement, you as a patient do NOT want an IT company.   Nor do you want an MSP that dabbles in healthcare consulting to be running the network for your doctor or hospital.

Do you know the meaning of “meaningful use”, “willful neglect”, “PHI”?

Did you know that a small cardiology practice paid a $100,000 fine for using Gmail?

Are you aware that many tools & services used in the MSP industry are NOT HIPAA compliant?

Learn more from Raj Goel, CISSP at and the Datto Partner’s Conference.