The Dutch are smoking something…and it isn’t good.

They are watermarking books and will report buyers, er customers, er, suckers to the anti-piracy mafia on the flimsiest of accusations.

This is an EXCELLENT reason to buy ebooks from authors (Cory Doctorow) and sites (e.g. that do NOT use any watermarking or DRM.

Netherlands, ebook sellers have announced that they will retain full reading records on their customers for at least two years, and will share that information with an “anti-piracy” group called BREIN (a group that already has the power to order Dutch ISPs to censor the Internet, without due process or judicial oversight; and who, ironically, were caught ripping off musicians for their anti-piracy ads).

via Dutch ebook sellers promise to spy on everyone’s reading habits, share them with “anti-piracy” group – Boing Boing.