Our success as an MSP and a solutions provider rests on 3 foundations:

1) Improving Client Security – I’ve built my career on improving security, safety and increasing productivity for our clients.

2) Killer SOPs – I am (justifiably) proud of the 450 SOPs we’ve built in the last 12 months

3) Service Delivery Standardization – more on this later


My entire career has revolved around IT, Security and Privacy around the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial, Architectural and Construction industries.


Having grown up developing HIPAA cognizant solutions for a health insurer, then building FDA-regulated portals for branded prescription medications, then developing the PCI-DSS compliance program for a $4.4 Billion/yr retailer, with various stints at hospitals, medical chains, hedge funds, market data providers and a sprinkling of dot-com entities, I’ve seen what a huge budget can do to security.

(Yes veronica, $18MM/yr IT security budget lets you buy best-of-the-best and deliver incredible ROI).


As a NYC-based MSP that focuses on Construction (porous borders!) and Private Equity markets (high risk!!), I’ve spent years crafting solutions that meet the clients’ needs, budgets and our operational capabilities.


The latest, and most powerful tool in our arsenal is TRAFFIC INSIGHTS.  Based on 12 months of research and 6 months of development, this tool lets us process billions of Cyberoam iView records in seconds and deliver killer insights to my team and our clients.


What types of insights?

PATTERN 1 of 32

1) Show Annual Traffic Patterns for a Site







2) Show combined Traffic across all sites


With a cross-site chart

Month Site3 Site2 Site1
JAN 97    
FEB 82    
MAR 240 267 5
APR 105 502 52
MAY 218 465 384
JUN 291 770 222
JUL 305 751 315
AUG 243 751 380
SEP 161 374 128
OCT 164 376 230
NOV 188 375 359


3) Demonstrate POLICY violations and rogue sites

Haven’t we all come across employees who think they know better than HR?  The ones who think they are immune to sanctions, especially when they’re in a satellite office, away from supervision?

Here’s how we curtail that – with data!

This sheet shows a month-by-month breakdown of questionable traffic protocols, along with a handy graphic.


This is just 1 of 32 reports in our arsenal!


If you’d like to learn more about adding this to your services, contact me.