The Apple vs FBI case is about more than just 1 smartphone. It has the potential to shape what freedoms and civil liberties our children enjoy.

The questions to think about are:

  1. Do we want all of our smartphones, smart TVs, Google NESTs, Home routers, corporate firewalls, Desktops, Laptops, Smart Refrigerators, etc. to become unpaid informants for law enforcement? (Google “iot surveillance Clapper”)
  2. Do we trust that software developers will develop legal backdoors that won’t get abused by criminals? (Google “router botnet”)
  3. Can we trust other people to not steal from us? (google “TSA agent theft” before you answer that)
  4. Can we trust the Government to act honorably, or will elected officials use their positions to spy on their rivals, the opposition, civil rights activists, celebrities? (google “FBI martin luther” or “FBI Elvis Presley”)

My views on this topic:




For those of you who think about social media and privacy and are concerned about it and about what to teach the young people in your life, there are some things you might want to know and arm yourself with. Every legal system, no matter where you are in the world, says ignorance is not a defense. And if you choose to be an ignorant about social media, computing, and digital privacy, you can’t say, “I didn’t know. No one told me.” You have to educate yourself.

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